Forward: The Real You

You can pretend as much as you please, but the real you is going to win, however long an arduous – it will win!! – an Irvinism


This truth is akin to something I heard Maya Angelou say many years ago when she stated, “When someone shows you who they really are – believe them!”  I am too thinking that when men and women, mother’s and fathers – when people simply accept who they are (especially in America), I am thinking there will be spontaneous healing.  As I begin this entry, I looked up the “depression” medications.  Oh My God!  You must see for yourself.  As to spontaneous healing, I think that the market for this laundry list of drugs will simply dry up.  And then I wondered, “Are people having that difficult of a time being themselves?” – Period, Case-Closed!

One thought on “Forward: The Real You”

  1. Talk about having to revisit a belief system; I am quite in touch with this “Real You” post. Something happened with a few co-workers on yesterday and you know what? They have shown me who they really are…and guess what? I believe them! – Period, Case-Closed!

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