Welcome to Period! Case-Closed!

As I was enroute to the office this morning, Thursday, September 10, 2009, I received a call.  The call came in at precisely 7:14am.  (I know because I just looked at my cell phone to confirm).   But anywho, I digress.  A friend of mine commenced to explain to me that a congressman yelled out at our newly elected President Barack Obama, last evening, by calling him a “lie”.  I cannot begin to tell you what I felt. I was utterly pissed!  But at a certain level, as I’ve been for several weeks now, bothered by the flat out lies that certain factions continue to spread day after day after day.  Come Hell or  High Water, even at the risk of causing the complete collapse of civility, they lie. Even when threatened with the woes of hades and the scorn of heaven, they continue to lie. Even if it means that they must face the trials and plagues of Old, these factions attempt to paint this illusion that Barack Obama is this worst thing that ever happened to this great country.  Something commenced to well up in me like…well, it was sort of a…I wanted to just…. just…just…I don’t know – Yell! I had a mixture of thoughts and emotions that rolled through my mind and I got to be honest, after the conversation was complete, I had to turn the radio to an inspiration station.  There, as so many times in the past – My Inspiration returned.  My Inspiration nudged at me again, “The Blog, The Blog – The Blog!  You must get your blog, Period! Case-Closed started.  You Must.  You Must. You Must!!!”  And this is where I begin.  I introduce and welcome you to my blog, “Period! Case-Closed!”


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  1. After reading about three remarks on Face Book this evening about my aforementioned almost instantaneously, I heard the words, quite clearly as I have on many occasions before, “Tomorrow is not promised. How many people have died with a dream still in them?” You have heard this before, right? How many among us will never fulfill our dreams? How many of those dreams will remain tucked away in a dusty corner of our minds or in a box under the bed or in a plastic bag in the attic? How long must your dreams remain hostage to an unused mind? I ask you, once more “How Long?” Tomorrow is not promised, Period! Tomorrow waits for no one, Period! Get up! Get up! Get up! What are your talents? What are you likes? Your interests? What goals have been written down in that old Big Chief or No. 2 Tablet, slowly fading away. What about those dreams in plastic bags in the closet or attic? I call them to attention. (Those of you in the military know what I mean). I call those dreams to attention. I call them out. Those dreams of returning to college – pull these out and dust them off. Those dreams to find a more rewarding job – pull that thing out and polish up on your interviewing techniques. How many times have you said, “well, I’m going to wait for the finances to get just right or I want to move into the new house or the new apartment or redo the living room, or wait for Aunt Consuela (I just love that name) to move out or the kids to go off to college or graduate from college or the grandkids to start kindergarten? Or when I get over my heartbreak with Raqueem or when I get over Ramisha? How many times? How many times have you looked back and said, “If I could have just done this…or if I could have just done that….or have been more this or that…if I would have just been more focused on this or that? ” Well, if you were anything like me – plenty! And again this evening, as before, I realized, that it is now or never! We only have The Now! OMG! That phrase just came to me. We only have The Now, Period! Whatever it is that you want to do…stop playing and just get about doing it! The mere fact that you desire to do it means that you have the necessary hardware to do it! Period! I read once, “…your gifts will make room for you…” Another time I read, “…if every way is closed before you, the secret one will show you a secret path that no other eyes have seen before.” Get up! Get up, I say! What is that business venture that you have been procrastinating about? What about leaving that no good…nig…I mean sonnava…I mean…well, anywho, What about going back to school to get your GED? Marriage? Child, please! Take care of you first, and then he or she will come. Period! I read once, “…the thing that you are searching for is searching for you, too, and it is moving towards you like a freight train…” You are a mighty creation. A great masterful work of art, get up I say. Get up, Get up, Get up and decide on that thing that you desire. Run towards it, full force, run! Run, I mean, run! Eyes-closed, run! Arms open-wide, run! Name it! Call it out! Accept it! Run! And you had better not stop! You had better not give in nor give up, run! You run and/or you wrestle with it until you both run right smack into each other. Run, I say, RUN!
    Welcome to Period! Case-Closed!
    In Service,
    Period! Case-Closed

  2. Wow! I received my first comment from the UK! I will cherish it – always! I don’t see it here, but I’ll see if I can figure out how to post it later. I’m off to the office and my wish for you is “The Very Best”, Period! Case-Closed!

    1. Hello D.

      I am so proud of you! Your Blog is an inspiration for so many. We must stand up as Americans and support our President… no matter what party we represent. If we do not respect him why should other Leaders. Americans should unite and start treating each other as we want to be treated. Disrespecting the President should be considered a crime! Would you allow someone to disrespect your Mother or Father?

      We all need to learn to walk in Love and Peace, then the Blessings and Prosperity will return to America!

      1. Kathy,
        Where’ve you been? It’s so great to hear from you. There’s so much we’ve to catchup on.
        I like all of your response, especially the “…walk in Love and Peace…”. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Hello again, my friend. I haven’t seen much of you lately, so it’s good to see your blog up and running!

    Yes, yes, those dusty dreams, sometimes thought to be utterly relinquished…they pop up unbidden again. However, you have called them out by name, and so they reveal themselves, if not still fully alive, at least present. Here. Now.

    I am still challenged to bring them to life; old dreams have seen the light of day, suddenly remembered, and therefore revived. Now I face the challenge of living with the nagging hope of who I may actually be. What I may actually have to accomplish before I depart the planet. Again.

    A sense of urgency, a call to duty. “Miles to go before I sleep.”

    Can’t say I’m not a little pissed about that, but you know you have my soul’s gratitude. ;o)


    1. OMG! I think you will most certainly be a guest. (Guest you say, humm, yes. There’s so much more to come).
      Your statements have a poetic ring to them.
      So many of our dreams are on life support, but as long as we have breathe, regardless of the miles ahead, there’s still time to work – right now, In The Now. A sense of urgency you say? Yes, absolutely, the soul sometimes becomes “anxious” if you will, when it knows that I wasn’t living in my…..calling – my vocation – my profession. I so understand you.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Here’s to your Successes!!!


    1. Shu!
      You’ve been there way before the internet. I thank you for stopping by…it’s only the beginning.
      I am planning a Motivational Champaign, soon. I’ll keep you informed. You must come. You must. Recall, it was the idea of Motivational Champaigns, many many years ago at Primeco that brought me to this day. Oh, there’s so much more to come…do stop back by to visit.



  4. Mr.Irvin,congratulations!!!,you really know what you want,it is wonderful your blog,I agree 100% with you,once again congratulations!!!!

    1. Mayra, you are a great student. Your English continues to improve and I’m so very proud of you. And I thank you for your kind words. It took me sometime to get here (I don’t know what that mean because we ONLY have right here, right now!). Interesting right? We only have right now. Teaching you and the other students last semester convinced me of this. I thank you for letting me be apart of your growth. Here’s to your success!!!

  5. I am quite grateful to have gotten such great words of encouragement. I’m thankful for all of you.
    This blog is just the beginning. I’m still working on its layout and I couldn’t wait to get home to work on it some more.
    Come back for more inspiration, motivation, information about a wide range of topics. You will be enlightened – I promise, Period! Case-Closed.




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