Make Up Your Mind

I discovered this in my journal just now.  It is surprising as I’d written this over eight years ago and a dear friend made a comment recently, I think on yesterday, which was almost identical to the situation below.  I provided a comment, but oh, how I wish I could have recalled this one.  It’s uplifting – humorous – simple.  

Your in a situation.  And you commenced to explain to me that you take two steps forward and then you take two steps backward.  And you ask me, “…oh great one, what great wisdom do you have for me regarding this situation?”

I gently respond, “…my child, please, explain to me once again, but shorter.  I am advanced in years and am patient for details.” 

You then restated the situation, shorter, but rather hurriedly, “…Here’s the situation, I take two steps forward and then I take two steps backward.  What should I do?”

And my response was, “Dearest, you need to make up your mind!” – Irvinism

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