Kanye’s Outburst

Last evening, Kanye West obviously had a breakdown.  I’m not quite sure of what his intentions were, but that was immature, out-of-place, – wrong on so many levels.

And Taylor Swift, despite the embarrassment, I think she handled herself maturely.  And I didn’t get to see Beyonce’ invite Taylor back up on stage as I was informed.  But Wow!  That was class!  I will not spend much time on Kanye.  Prior to last night I had a healthy respect for him.  Now, well, let’s just say, “…this would be a good example of a much needed apology and maybe some sort of community service, say, putting that mike in his mouth and making him go sit backstage in a corner.”  Period, Case-Closed!

2 thoughts on “Kanye’s Outburst”

  1. Kanye has apologized. I’d written a piece for the blog earlier this evening regarding Kanye’s outburst last night. My plan was to post the piece first thing in the AM. However, I decided to post it this evening for I saw Kanye provide and explanation and/or an apology, well sort of…I think on Letterman. To a certain extent, I found Kanye believable, well sort of. Why do I say, “sort of”? Well, I now understand that Kanye’s outburst last evening was not the first time he has behaved this way. So, my question is, Mr. Kanye, “What’s wrong with you? Go, ahead, tell us and you thereby name those demons, Period, Case-Closed!”

    1. Oops! My President, Barack Obama, has called Kanye a “jackass”. You laugh? Me too. Well, I am. It’s funny. And Kanye acted like a jackass. So, if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, then it is a Jackass, Period, Case-Closed!

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