An Apology

We often feel the need to apologize to other people when we have done them an injustice, but we never extend the same courtesy to ourselves.  I OWE ME AN APOLOGY!  I owe me an apology for the emotional abuse I’ve allowed me to suffer.  I owe me an apology for believing in someone more than I did me.  I owe me an apology for not listening to me.  I owe me an apology for ignoring my needs.  I owe me an apology for hurting my feelings by sometimes not wanting to be me.  I owe me an apology for denying my body nourishment as I overwhelmed my mind with mental anguish.  I owe me an apology for the embarrassment I have caused myself.  I apologize for all these wrongs I have inflicted on me and ask myself to recognize my shortcomings.  To understand and forgive me for the long suffering and pain.  I never meant to let me hurt.  I APOLOGIZE. 

From the book, “Pardon Me While I Be Myself”, by Doris Colona Travis.  Now, please, go back, read this post again, this time with a greater sense of Conviction, Period, Case-Closed!

4 thoughts on “An Apology”

  1. We must Apologize to ourselves! When we forgive ourselves we open the doors to healing and an abundace life!

    Thank you for your Blog! Keep the Faith and keep blessing us with you kindness!

    Peace and Love to All,

    1. Yes, Yes…”…healing and the abundant life…!” Sounds so very familiar…the ancient one, the sage, the Master, Jesus…said that he came that we might have Life and it (Life) More Abundantly! Don’t get me started…I’ll tell it. I will tell it…….:0)
      Great Comment Kathy.

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