Oprah-Whitney Interview Pt2

Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  That was a fantastic interview.  That was as good as it could get.  Whitney did a great job! Yes, of course she did not tell all, admittedly.  I give you that, but some things are just left unspoken.  Some things are just none of our business, right?  But to be spat in the face…what more needs to be told?  Well, I will tell you, I know what it feels like to be spat on.  Oh, yes.  Yes, I was spat on, right smack in the face.  And there were bricks and pipes and bottles – things that  could be used as weapons all around us.  My friends were standing there startled, not knowing what I would do.  And for a split second when that back was turned, in that split second I could have splattered…well, anywho, But for His Grace, I am telling you, But for the Grace of God, I would have taken that life into my own hands.  All behind drugs.  Drugs are a terrible, terrible thing.  It turns beautiful, ordinary, kind, gentle, talented men and women into monsters.  They do crazy things.  They become aliens to you and to themselves.   I am encouraged by Whitney’s story.  And it did not appear to me that she was Bobby-Bashing.   She admitted faults of her own.  Faults have been universal when it comes to drugs.  Drugs are drugs are drugs…they deceive and rob, every person that befriends it.  Drugs are so crafty…they paint a wonderful pictures through rose-colored glasses.  They are wicked.

How many times have you seen or heard the story, how many different ways have the story been told?  It has the same ending, careers destroyed, young and old.  Lives taken, young and old.  Lives destroyed, young and old.   Stories of pain, sleeping on the street, eating out of trash cans, the loneliness, and the embarrassment and all the while conscious of whom you are and where you are but could not make that change.  I will tell you, heretofore, I have never had a drug problem, but that’s a testimony in and of itself.  It’s certainly nothing to boast over, but do you mind if I say, “I am grateful…” because it certainly could have been me.  So, I appreciate Whitney’s testimony.  I appreciate her candidness.  It appears that she have released those demons and moved to another place.  And then she sings in the end, “I didn’t know my own strength”.    If she would have said another word or sang another syllable… swear I would have run straight up out of this house and down Memorial!  It was moving moment.  She said some heavy things straight from her soul.  I am encouraged.  See, when you have been so low, so dog – gone – low – low – down – down – low down low and there is no one else there, BUT God (you will have to excuse me…see I got to tell this thing).  I don’t care who you are or what you believe…but if you have never, never, not ever heretofore had to depend on God for anything…if you have never, ever, ever been in “that place” when all else and everyone else have failed you;  if you have never been so utterly disgusted with you and your life; you look around and there is no one else and you wanted to quit; you even gave up on yourself, BUT God Showed You Your Own Strength. I tell you, if you have never been in “that place”, Keep Living.  Life will visit you sooner or later.  And when it does, know that He Will Show You Your Own Strength! Oh, I know it is true.  I am feeling this thing.  I gotta go…

Period, Case-Closed!

2 thoughts on “Oprah-Whitney Interview Pt2”

  1. My dear brother!!!!!! Well said, written. To all, take those ‘low down’ moments ad make them your incentive, that reason for getting back to that ‘high up’ feeling. Use those as Samson used his hair as the strength you need to keep going. We are all living testimonies of that…..

    1. Teach, my sista, Teach!
      Yes, there must be a sunSet in order for there to be a sunRise. There must be a Dusk, before there is a Dawn…let us all make the decision, now, even in the midst of “whatever” to decide to move up. Move up, I say, Move up. Thanks sista for your comment.

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