Keep My Love As a Gift

Ok, I thought I was finished for today, but then, I was compelled to pull out this lovely book once again.  I opened it, flipped a few pages and this is what I read.

I gave into love, I gave into pain, I gave into you.  I gave away everything I had, everything I am.  I even stepped outside of myself in a desperate attempt to prove my love and exposed myself to more disappointment than my tolerance of pain.  When the price of love is yourself – the cost is too high, so I’m taking me back.  Keep My Love As A Gift To You.  Do this for the remembrance of me.  Now – Please, pardon me while I be myself!  — from the book, “Pardon Me While I Be Myself”, by Doris Colona Travis

I think we all can benefit from that statement, whether its a job, that significant other, a child, husband or wife, friendship – bills, discontentment, disappointments…take yourself back, excuse yourselves from the situation, Pardon yourself and Be Yourself, Period, Case-Closed.

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