Turning Inward

“Silence is a quiet space within where dialogue between the self and the soul happens.” from the book, Mediation Within, by Laura Ward Holliday.

I am learning more and more how to take the above statement literally.  Some may call it prayer, others may call it meditation, still others may call it quiet time, my time, me time, etc, etc.  Call it what you will, but would you agree with me that today, seemingly more than ever we need that “quiet time” to become certain about that which is uncertain to us, to embrace the idea of clarity over confusion and/or truth over the lies?  If you’ve not had the opportunity lately to just “be”…then, keep living, and should you become overwhelmed with the lower realities of life, then recall this conversation about “turning inward”.  Yes, Laura, therein all the answers lie…Period, Case-Closed!

7 thoughts on “Turning Inward”

  1. Very good Son. Remember this:

    Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with scoffers. But they delight in doing everything the Lord wants; day and night they think about (meditate on) his law. [NLT]

    I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. My Dearest Mother! Your reply is quite encouraging. And I can’t help but think about exactly what the writer was thinking when he wrote that…he used the interjection “Oh” before writing, “…the joys…” And then he didn’t just say joy singular, but Joy(S). WOW!! Thanks Dearest Mother!

  2. A morning meditation:

    I am relaxed. I am at peace. The river of Divine Love runs through me; I am bathed in White Light. I am cloaked in Truth. I am serene.

    I walk in the presence of G-d always, whether cleaning, shopping, cooking, working. I continually bring my thought back to my the contemplation of the continual Presence of Divine Light, the Wisdom of the Universe, the Living G-d. I am a child of Light, I am cherished. I claim my gifts of Divine abundance and serenity. I sense my one-ness with G-d throughout my day, and so I walk with beauty, dignity and nobility.

    I choose to walk in the Light and live in the space of service. I choose Divine guidance and right action. I and all those I come in contact with are blessed and prosper as I move through my day.


    1. Ivy! Sounds like you’ve read “A Course In Miracles”, by Marianne Williamson. And I claim the blessings and prosperity as “one” that you’ve come in contact with. I claim them all. Great Reply! I did enjoy it.

  3. Derek! Ironically, I never read ‘A Course in Miracles.’ I did, however, carry the cards around with me for years. Some friends gave them to me one Christmas, and they never managed to get out of their shrink-wrap.
    Psychic Osmosis? LOL No, just been reading some Science of Mind literature from the 50’s. Truth is. ;o)

    1. Psychic Osmosis? LOL. I think I’ll have to try that…with some other books in my library that I’ve not a chance to read yet,…I’ll keep you informed. Greater Peace, Derek.

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