Perceived Complications

Recently, I read the following “…we don’t need to complicate all the reasons behind our emotions…it’s much simpler than that, there are only two categories, good feelings and bad feelings.” Now, think about that for a second. There are only good feelings and bad feelings.  You and I could easily come up with more, but ask yourself this one question, “Have I ever felt good and bad  – At The Same Time?”  No, you have not.  Now, the writer above said to keep it simple and really, I understand this need to complicate things more so than what we need to.  Nevertheless, life on many levels really is that simple.  You can not feel bad and good at the same time!  And that extensive list of emotions that we are sure to develop is sure to fall within the range of  “Good Feelings” or “Bad Feelings”.  Whatever you are dealing with, a problem, a decision, a job, family, a married man or woman or both, (Oh, yes, I did go there, don’t make me blog “Perceived Complications Part 2”)…try to determine exactly what it is that you are feeling.  If it is bad, then you’ve some work to do. But then, if the feelings are good, you still may have some work to do, right?  I mean, look at it this way…She is still married!  He is still married!  I don’t care how he or she makes you feel…they are still married.  There is nothing complicated about that.  So quit playing!  Make up your mind to be at peace.  Remember, we have visited this topic of peace before.  Good feelings sometimes come with a price, but is it a fair trade-off to your self-respect or peace of mind?   There are no complications, Period, Case-Closed!

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