Always Ask Questions

I have long been interested in learning – in truth!  I have always asked questions.  It is just a part of my nature.  My father, my biological father, whom I have been getting to know for the last 7 years, I met for the second time in my life when I was 34.  The first time I recall, was around I think 9 years of age.  I can so tell you some stories, but dirty laundry is not to be aired, but we all have skeletons, issues – histories!  But “God is still Good!”  Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. 

But, I digress, this father of mine said something to me that I hold quite valuable.   He said to me, in a deep, thoughtful, and proper tone, “Derek, you were just a thinking child; you were always asking questions…you always asked questions!”  He said it in a way like he could see my asking questions as if it were yesterday.  Now, you have to recall, I only recall seeing my biological father once around 9 years of age and the second time when I was 34 years old.  Can you see why that piece of information I hold so dear?  It gives me insight into who I was as a child and/or the talents that the creator (you can call Him God if you like…) instilled in me.  I have ALWAYS asked questions.   As a paralegal, that is a talent that I find foundational in the legal field.  The more questions and the better the question, the more knowledge and perspective one gains. 

I have a question, “What does it mean to you have a certain “lifestyle”?  The question could relate socially, economically, culturally – you just think about the question?  Now, as you ponder the question, I would like for you to think of something, “How your white skin, black skin, brown skin, sex, sexuality, economic status, your BMW or Volkswagen, your mother, the father – the family that you have?”   And let’s pretend I say to you – “that whatever your answers are responses are…they are all WRONG!”  That your skin color is wrong, that your mother shouldn’t be so tall or short…your father shouldn’t be cross-eyed, your sister should not have been a prostitute, your brother died of aids and that is a reflection on you!  I want you to really think about the question of “lifestyle” and does your family, your job, your car have an effect on your Lifestyle?  If you’d like, then share your thoughts.   But in the meantime, always remember to Ask Questions, the better the question, the better the response and you therefore gain in knowledge and perspective – Period, Case-Closed.

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