In regards to pat robertson to Haiti’s Earthquake

In regards to pat roberson! I was having a conversation about pat roberson, you know, the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, and senile-like, minister, who has yet, made another controversial comment “for god” or in the name of “god” against “sinners”, the latest regarding the earthquake in Haiti. This is not the first time pat roberson has made such comments in the name of his religion or in the name of his god.   And without going into a very long discourse in terms of what I think of pat roberson or his comment(s), I will simply repeat the question that was posed during my conversation about pat’s comments. It’s a wonderful question.  I mean it cuts right to the chase.  I wasn’t necessarily moved by pat’s comment, but I did have something to say. And it seemed the more I thought about it, the more I had to say.  But then the question was posed, “…why is pat roberson or anything he says relevant? What a powerful question!  And then I had to say to myself, “why is pat Roberson or anything he says – relevant – Anymore?” After much thought on the question and after 24hours of pondering the question, I have arrived at the following conclusion and therefore, I offer it here.  It is that pat has served “god” long enough and it is time for him to retire to an Adult Assisted-Living Facility. Nothing pat roberson says has an ounce of credence. His family members should count his latest comments as a “blessing in disguise” and most urgently google “nursing-home” and get him committed. Period, Case-Closed!

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  1. Wisdom is the advantage we have to infiltrate and influence our culture.
    Now let’s talk about Pat Roberson. Pat sees God as angry, fearful, vengeful and unloving God. The image you have of God is the way you are. God said I will draw you with my love. Love is the relationship with God, the Father. God has moved us from the old testament of laws which was before Christ to the New Testament relationship (after Christ) with our Father. Jesus came to reconcile us back to God.
    Love put Jesus on the cross not fear. If we are drawn to God by anything other than love, we are being lead by fear. Remember fear drives and peace leads!

    1. Wow! Well said…and it looks like the emphasis is that of “Love!”. And I do believe that pat was not coming from a place of love. Thus I must ask myself the question, “…was my response/posting that of Love?” Humm, and I now pray, “…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Ahmeen!

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