Chapter 3, “It’s None of My Business”

Once, I’d had been listening to a close friend of mine tell me something which was said against her. What was said about her is irrelevant.  But what came out of my mouth to her – was very relevant and an awakening for she and I.  And this friend of mine was going on and on, ranting and raving about what she would say to this person when she saw her.  As I listened on, intently – not because what the person had allegedly said about my friend was important, but because this friend was clearly bothered by the comment. And I listened and looked on intently in an attempt to see if this friend of mine clearly believed Herself the comment that was said against her.  Go back and read that again, I promise you that there is wisdom in it.   You know, sometimes, people will drain you.  Yes, there I said it.  Yes, people, to include family, friends, co-workers, etc., etc. will drain you of your precious energies.   As I looked on, I could tell at a small level that my friend believed the comment – Herself.  Finally, when she had taken a breath, in which it was almost like a “reloading” lol…I jumped in with a simple comment, “What Cathy (not her real name) Thinks of You Is Really None of YOUR Business!”  My friend stopped in mid-sentence and was about to unleash a deadly rash of “whatever” against me when I saw quite clearly her anger meter go from a hundred fifty to Zero!  And then there was a twinkle in her eye.  Sanity returned and she had regained control of herself.  You would have had to been there to appreciate the moment.


Wisdom offers itself up in our lives – daily.  And when it finds just the opportune moment to slip in as it did in the aforementioned case, you simply had a different view on life.  Do you not find it interesting that in all actuality, when the clock tolls 5pm and the office shuts down and the malls turns off their lights that nothing really really matters as it relates to the small thinking of another person?  Think about it, nothing that anyone has ever said about you verbally and or written was an instrument by which you paid your bills.  Humor me!  The very next time someone feels “led” to share with you thoughts on what some other had to say about you that was in no way flattering, simply tell them, “Ya know, that really is none my business!”  – Period, Case-Closed!

Ps:  Oh, do write and tell me how you felt afterwards.  :0)

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    wow, sometimes you just need to hear it, “its just none of my business”, end of conversation. So really whats the plans for the weekend?lol

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