Health Care Reform – A Simple Thank U

WOW! I have lived to see ANOTHER historical moment – in America – Healthcare Reform.  I have insurance.  And if I was not employed, I would still have some reasonable access to health care through the Veteran’s Administration.  However, I so wanted to see this bill pass.  I needed to see this bill pass.  I simply am numbed on the one hand that it actually passed and utterly ecstatic on the other hand.

Mr. President, I have watched you often over the last year and I honestly feel you have the best interest of the people of America at heart.  I do not know how you did it, the conferences, the town hall meetings, overseas travels to visit with heads of state, the threats, the lies, the deceit, …oftentimes,  I saw how physically tired you were, but you kept going.

I am often inspired by my students at the local colleges where I teach.   They too, work tirelessly daily and then come to class in the evenings.  They push, they try, they struggle…they push, they try, they struggle and ultimately success.   They are committed.  In their efforts, they motivate me.

President Obama, you may never know how much you motivate and inspire so many of us.  And as I continue in either of my capacities with either of the colleges, I know that I have not an excuse.  No matter what the challenge… I keep telling myself, if President Obama can push, try, struggle and remain committed to an ideal, so then can I – so then can we prevail, too!

I know that these words are so small, but it is the best I can do for now.   However, as I prepare to enter graduate and post graduate studies, I will dedicate my life with a renewed commitment to service and perfection.  I so wish more of us were like you…a man of intellect, courage – compassion.  I know it was difficult negotiating and persuading those that this was the right thing to do, thus your intellect.  I know it was difficult in light of the powerful corporate influences – thus your courage.  I know it was difficult in light of our individualistic culture – but you had compassion. And on behalf of the people of America, please accept my sincere gratitude.  I know it is small, but here is “A Simple Thank You – Thank you Mr. President, Thank You!”

Period, Case-Closed!

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