Something To Talk About

How many of you have heard of the singer, Bonnie Rait? And how how many of you have heard of her song, “Something To Talk About?”

It is a favorite of mine. I absolutely love it as it’s a sermon or anthem of sorts.

We live in a world of Gossip, Murder, Hate, Adultery …WAR…and the news mediums have not a problem giving us our DAILY (Morning, Noon, and Night) doses of it. I recall, as an undergrad, when I’d arrived home from an exhausting day at the office and on campus. And back then, not so much now, I was a news junkie. And I’d arrived home, showered (I always shower minutes after arriving home…it helps me to calm and settle you from a long day). I’d showered, dressed, and prepared something to eat and sat down to watch the news. And it was one disaster, one horrible story after another. And then, the story of ALL stories, a baby, thrown into a dumpster. It was not just any baby, it was a newborn. The baby was thrown into the dumpster, like yesterdays trash, like an old rag. It was then that I got an instant headache, nauseous, and couldn’t breathe. I learned much later, the headaches and nausea; sleeplessness was all due to anxiety. More on that later as I have “Something more interesting to talk about”.  But for now, my point is, the media will find a way to continously bombard our lives with one horrible story after another.  But I’ve something to share with you here that I hope you find – inspiring.

There is a school, out of Chicago. It is an All Male school. It is an All Male Public High School. But because it is an All Male Public High School is what I want you to focus on. But I do want you to know that it is an All Black Male Public School. But that the Urban Prep Academy being an All Black Male Public School is not what I want to share with you although all of the above descriptors are important. What is quite important about the Urban Prep Academy is that all One Hundred Seven (107) seniors GRADUATED! But hold on, wait a minute; what is ultra-impressive is that all One Hundred Seven graduates have been accepted into 4-year colleges and/or universities! People – That is “Something to Talk About!” And why this great news isn’t being blasted across the airways and cyber ways is because you and I are not initiating it. I would love to shake the hand of, not the principal, not the teachers/instructors, but the young men who – have made history! But then again, to all the teachers, I understand your pain, frustration – your challenges. I do not make light your efforts. You teachers and instructors have made a great mark on the planet. And I am pleased to dedicate this posting to the Teachers, The Instructor, The Principle and THE GRADUATES (all 107 of you) of the URBAN PREP ACADEMY in Chicago. I look forward to hearing/reading more success stories about UPA.  Meanwhile, see the next post, titled, “Urban Prep Academy – Chicago.” 

Period, Case-Closed.

2 thoughts on “Something To Talk About”

  1. Love it Derek. So very true.
    What about the good news???
    I have a friend that has an outgoing message that says “please leave a good message”
    We all need good news. Sick of the bad.
    Love you,

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