In Regards to: bishop Eddie Long:

In regards to bishop eddie long:  There is such great bitterness surrounding this latest news story, such great arguments surrounding his guilt or innocence and the media in this modern world of ours provides just the right amount of fuel.  Making a comment, publicly, would be such an adventure, but then I recalled some wise person who quoted the following scriptural reference, “…be Quick to listen, Slow to speak, and Slow to anger…!”  I am still learning, so in the meantime, that probably doesn’t do any of you much justice in terms of knowing where I stand on this debate, but I do provide the following story, but shortened to assist us in navigating this present argument and future ones.

It was autumn, and the Indians asked their new chief, “…will it be a cold winter?”  The chief, raised in the ways of the modern world had no way of knowing whether the winder would be cold or mild.  To be safe, he advised the tribe to collect wood and be prepared.  A few days later, as a practical afterthought, he called the National Weather Service and asked whether they were forecasting a cold winter.  The meteorologist replied that, indeed, he thought the winter would be quite cold.  The chief then advised the tribe to collect even more wood.

A couple of weeks later, the chief again consulted with the Weather Service.  “Does it still look like a cold winter?” the chief asked.  The meteorologist replied, “Yes, it sure does?”  The chief then advised the tribe to gather up every scrap of wood they could find.

(This is getting too good and I am anxious to get to the end, so here we go.)

A couple of weeks later, the chief again called the Weather Service and asked how the winter was looking at this point.  The meteorologist replied, “We are now forecasting that it will be one of the coldest winters on record!”  The chief replied, “Really? How can you be so sure?” The meteorologist replied almost hyper-excitedly, “The Indians are collecting wood like crazy?”

PCC’s Commentary:  Where are YOU in terms of what YOU really think about this situation that eddie long finds himself in?  Do YOU believe he is guilty or innocent?  The questions in both cases are why, and were YOU there? What information are YOU going on?  Is it from the media, your own inner assumptions, people in your inner circle?  Speaking of circle, ironically, the above story is called a circular argument.   The nature of your belief as to Long’s guilt or innocence is contained in your proposition itself.  You must evaluate it.  I am so watching this one very closely, wondering if my proposition(s) are correct.

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