The Arrival Point

I am not sure how often I’ve read the following, but I find more meaning today than I have in the distant past. You’ll understand after you have completed the reading.

There comes a point in your life when you realize:

Who matters?, Who never did?, Who won’t anymore and Who always will?, So, don’t worry about people from your past, There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future. ~ unknown


Yes, yes, I understand – a standing ovation is certainly in order, for the person who coined that, right?   What do I mean by “more meaningful today…”  I now know that most all my numerous, “religious” friends of times past, like I, were more in love with the notion of religion than actually having religion or a deep level of spirituality. This piece means more today to me because a few of these friends in particular, who were quite instrumental in my religiosity are no longer a part of my life. The sad thing is I truly had a strong love for them – at least I think I loved them. You see, I have longed believed that you cannot love someone else unless you first love yourself. But, we digress.

One person in particular, let’s call her April, is married and I guess living happily with her husband overseas. A good and mutual friend of April’s and mine, let’s call her Candice, stated she asked April to call me because I wanted to speak with her.  April asked, quite piously, “…what do I want to talk to him for…?” Because April and I were very close friends, like brother and sister, her piousness stung me and stunk to high heaven. My response to Candace, although directed at April, is blasphemous and I apologize for there’s not enough time to revisit my response here, but suffice it to say, I was quite ugly and had you been there to hear me spew out such blasphemies, I would have only asked that you forgive and be patient for god is not through with me! LOL. Sometimes, I pull out the photo album and muse through it and I think of April and all my “religious brothers and sisters” of old, many of whom no longer associate with people like me – a sinner (loosely stated). Back then it would have bothered me to know that someone does not like me as I was so accustomed to wanting everyone to like me (probably because I didn’t love myself) – isn’t that interesting?

But now, I am at the arrival point in my life where I understand Who Matters, Who Really Don’t Matter, and Who Won’t Matter eventually or anymore. But I might add and or clarify that I am quite aware of Who Always Will Matter. I find that almost without exception that it is Family Who Will Always Matter. This very important life lesson has provided me with 20/20 vision to see quite clearly why those who don’t want to be in my future won’t be in my future nor me in theirs. And I am at peace with that. And I have already had a conversation with you regarding peace, so enough said, Period, Case-Closed.

One thought on “The Arrival Point”

  1. Well said. You know, I have a little sympathy for the Aprils of the world. Poor, pathetic child she is. She is not yet capable of love. Unfortunately, she will not have arrived until she can begin to love April (whoever that is). I can make this statement with an immediate degree of certainty because I was once caught, trapped in a vortex of religion whereby I needed to consult abstract social edits before I could determine who I should love. The thing about love, however, is that it either is or is not. No explanation necessary.

    People who really count, find it is not easy to voluntarily walk away from meaningful relationships. I think you and Candice realize that; Unfortunately, April is yet confused.

    I can assure you the poor child is yet fighting for explanations to behavior she does not understand, unaware that the darkness emanates from her own soul. Poor thing.

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