On Seeking Perfection

Those Who Seek Perfection work for those who don’t!

The above quote is what I heard today while listing to public radio. To all ye entrepreneurs, this one is certainly for you. I am continuously trying to perfect my crafts, talents, skills. To an extent, maybe it is true that there may be some compulsiveness implied here, but but suffice it to say, I enjoy seeking perfection no less than musicians, vocalists, professional speakers, athletes, etc. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong in seeking perfection. I equate the seeking of perfection to sort of like when the framers of the United States Constitution wrote, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union establish…” Now, the emphasis is on the words “more perfect”. The framers understood that although the Constitution was not perfect, they did understand that comparatively speaking, it was “more perfect” than any document like it, but too that it would continue to evolve becoming even more perfect after its ratification, thus the subsequent amendments. So, to all ye entrepreneurs, musicians, vocalists, professional speakers, athletes, etc. continue striving towards perfection, continue to practice, amend, rewrite, change – seek, you will reap your great rewards Period, Case-Closed.

A Missed Opportunity

Today, I overheard a conversation with a competent professional and a student. Never mind where I was, but the conversation after some formal greetings were exchanged between the two seemed to slip effortlessly into the topic of gays, bisexuals, cross-dressers, men on the down low, etc.. It was basically a conversation about why women can’t find husbands, young men who need their fathers in the home as women can’t teach them how to be “men” and how many of these men (cross dressers) look so good you can’t tell that they are men and of course there was the quick mention of Sodom and Gomorrah. This was the gist of the conversation. And as the conversation continued a colleague of mine, who happens to be gay, let’s just call him Professor, called me on the cell. I stepped away from the area of this conversation. Long story short, I immediately informed Professor of the conversation that I had been overhearing. Shortly after my commencing to share what I had heard, Professor reminded me of the recent meeting that he and I were in where there was a discussion of “teaching moments” or “opportunities” to share something positive when you hear something negative against gays. As Professor spoke, I immediately recognized that yes; absolutely that was a missed opportunity. And in my mind I begin to rationalize as to my non-response to the conversation. Suffice it to say, after hanging up the cell phone, I realized why I was rationalizing about my non-response. The reason was because I felt quite embarrassed that I did not recognize the opportunity and the opportunity passed, but the rationalization is a discussion for another time.

When I was walking back into this particular building, interestingly, I heard the competent professional say to the student, “stay on the battlefield, don’t be a cowardly soldier!” What stood out about those words was the word “cowardly”. I heard it loud and clear.

My god, life certainly does talk to you, right?

And then later, while listening to the radio and as I was continuing to feel awful bad about the missed opportunity, I heard the following quote, “The events of the world are not random, but reflections of our collective consciousness and they send ripple effects through our collective psyche…”


The events of life as you and I experience it absolutely involve our collective conscious – even when neither you nor I recognize it. However, I briefly add that unconsciousness is not an excuse. You see, although I was not conscious of the opportunity to speak up in that moment, it was nevertheless an opportunity to send a “ripple” out into the world to effect change on our collective psyche and subsequently on our planet. I understand more completely, today, why and how my missed opportunity helped the competent professional, the student and I design our world – together! Period, Case-Closed!

OWN’s Countdown

Yesterday, the countdown began to the start of the New Year 2011.  And today, another countdown has begun for the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will officially launch at noon today, in just over two hours from now (Central Standard Time).  The first day of programming will include a special episode hosted by Winfrey called “Oprah’s Guide to OWN.” It will recap the network’s mission to “entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives.”  I really excited about Oprah’s new venture.  I lift my cup of starbucks in a toast to Oprah’s great success.  And of course, here’s to your Continued and Greater Successes in the coming year.  There is so much more left to do, to accomplish – to achieve.  Just don’t be discouraged, you Can do it…you can Complete it…you can Achieve it – Period, Case-Closed