On Seeking Perfection

Those Who Seek Perfection work for those who don’t!

The above quote is what I heard today while listing to public radio. To all ye entrepreneurs, this one is certainly for you. I am continuously trying to perfect my crafts, talents, skills. To an extent, maybe it is true that there may be some compulsiveness implied here, but but suffice it to say, I enjoy seeking perfection no less than musicians, vocalists, professional speakers, athletes, etc. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong in seeking perfection. I equate the seeking of perfection to sort of like when the framers of the United States Constitution wrote, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union establish…” Now, the emphasis is on the words “more perfect”. The framers understood that although the Constitution was not perfect, they did understand that comparatively speaking, it was “more perfect” than any document like it, but too that it would continue to evolve becoming even more perfect after its ratification, thus the subsequent amendments. So, to all ye entrepreneurs, musicians, vocalists, professional speakers, athletes, etc. continue striving towards perfection, continue to practice, amend, rewrite, change – seek, you will reap your great rewards – Period, Case-Closed.

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