Heaven or Hell

A story was told to me once about an African named Mabeecha. This lucky fellow who had “passed on” was given the rare opportunity to tour both heaven and hell and to decide which he would prefer to spend eternity. Mabeecha was taken first to hell and there he saw two long tables crisscrossed similar to the Christian cross and stretching out infinitely in four directions. The tables were covered with a sumptuous spread of food, but because they could not bend their elbows, they could not feed themselves any of the wonderful provisions and potations laid out on the table without resorting to eating like beasts. The people seated at these tables were starving and miserable. Whenever they bent to eat like a beast, the food magically transformed to maggot infested slop in their mouths that they either spit out or … well you have great imaginations, it would suffice to say it was not pretty!

Next, our lucky fellow, Mabeecha was taken to heaven. The thing that surprised him the most about that which he saw there was that the same tables of wonderful provisions and potations that were laid out in hell was laid out here. But the people were well fed, happy and talking, singing, “how I made it over”, “when the saints come marching in”, “amazing grace”, you know these right? Well, they were having a wonderful time. However, these people here could not bend their elbows either. Mabeeecha said that the difference was they cared about more than themselves and fed their neighbors across the table from them.

Now, if you were so lucky to be given a choice, where would you want to be Heaven or Hell? Why?


Special emphasis should be placed on “beasts” here. Does this remind you of anything right here on our planet?

I became a paralegal and educator to help others. I have studied law and have learned various processes that I teach to others, the majority of the time – without cost. The answer to the question above regarding your choice is a rather personalone, but I will share mine. It seems fitting that I would go to hell and show the folks there how they can feed each other. I did NOT say that I would continue to aid anyone to the point of exacerbating their disability or disabling them in some other way. You help, you assist, you teach where ever you can to whom will listen after which it would be in your very best interest to dust your hands off and move around – Period, Case-Closed!

And I Will Fly Away

Once, many years ago, I heard an elderly lady named Mrs. Collins say,

“Baby, give me that bottle over there, I need to take me one of them there vitamin pills…”  Mrs. Collins was talking about taking her vitamins.

Do you take vitamins?  Have you had your Vitamin Pill today?  Well, I have a Vitamin Pill for you, here; open up, no not your mouth, but your mind.

“My mind?” You ask.

Yes, of course, your mind!  Now, open wide – wider – wider – great!  Now, don’t close it…but do read on.

I was just thinking, as I often do, about how a caterpillar cannot fly, but a butterfly can and most of the time effortlessly.  The caterpillar is not a cute thing to look upon.  In fact, it makes my skin crawl.  But anywho, speaking of crawling, the caterpillar after crawling, wiggling, rolling and hiding from beasts of prey and hanging out with other lil’ slimy, mediocre caterpillars, gossiping and spending their last dime at Macy’s tryin’ to keep up with the Jones’… something from within tells it that it is time for change.  So, the caterpillar finds himself or herself a quiet place, see sometimes you must steal away to a place where there’s no one but you.  And after finding yourself a quite place alone away from the gossip, the bills, the children, the husband – confusion and ideologies…you see where I am going?

Once you find yourself a quiet place, you need to wrap yourself in a cocoon by gathering your legs together and wrapping your arms around a good book or The Good Book, The Quran – you still with me?  A good novel or movie with an inspiring ending oftentimes helps too and then when you come out of your cocoon, your quiet place, like the butterfly – you fly away.


Do you recall a time when you were so overwhelmed with a situation, the husband, the wife, the children, the job that you found yourself in bed, rolled up into a ball?   Well, don’t feel bad, see, Jesus had to get away, too.   Don’t get me started!  I am telling you; sometimes you simply got to Fly Away.  And I am telling you, I Will Fly Away!  Now swallow – Period, Case-Closed!