And I Will Fly Away

Once, many years ago, I heard an elderly lady named Mrs. Collins say,

“Baby, give me that bottle over there, I need to take me one of them there vitamin pills…”  Mrs. Collins was talking about taking her vitamins.

Do you take vitamins?  Have you had your Vitamin Pill today?  Well, I have a Vitamin Pill for you, here; open up, no not your mouth, but your mind.

“My mind?” You ask.

Yes, of course, your mind!  Now, open wide – wider – wider – great!  Now, don’t close it…but do read on.

I was just thinking, as I often do, about how a caterpillar cannot fly, but a butterfly can and most of the time effortlessly.  The caterpillar is not a cute thing to look upon.  In fact, it makes my skin crawl.  But anywho, speaking of crawling, the caterpillar after crawling, wiggling, rolling and hiding from beasts of prey and hanging out with other lil’ slimy, mediocre caterpillars, gossiping and spending their last dime at Macy’s tryin’ to keep up with the Jones’… something from within tells it that it is time for change.  So, the caterpillar finds himself or herself a quiet place, see sometimes you must steal away to a place where there’s no one but you.  And after finding yourself a quite place alone away from the gossip, the bills, the children, the husband – confusion and ideologies…you see where I am going?

Once you find yourself a quiet place, you need to wrap yourself in a cocoon by gathering your legs together and wrapping your arms around a good book or The Good Book, The Quran – you still with me?  A good novel or movie with an inspiring ending oftentimes helps too and then when you come out of your cocoon, your quiet place, like the butterfly – you fly away.


Do you recall a time when you were so overwhelmed with a situation, the husband, the wife, the children, the job that you found yourself in bed, rolled up into a ball?   Well, don’t feel bad, see, Jesus had to get away, too.   Don’t get me started!  I am telling you; sometimes you simply got to Fly Away.  And I am telling you, I Will Fly Away!  Now swallow – Period, Case-Closed!


One thought on “And I Will Fly Away”

  1. LOL! That was good! You better teach! “… wider…..”.LOL

    I must confess that I have often curled up in a ball whenever life beat me down. Thank goodness, with age, those balls have become few and far between. The goal for all of us to remember to ALWAYS now that you have a butterfly in you. We all navigate back and forth between the slimy, crawling caterpillar and the beautifyl, majestic, butterfly…but hopefully with age and wisdom you live more as a butterfly and less as a caterpillar!

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