A Commitment to Your Reality

“The degree to which you are committed to your reality equals the degree to which people will respect you!” – Barry Hamdani

This was a quote, by my uncle Barry.  When speaking with him, I am very much like a student or a sponge.  He is such an intellectual and I can listen to him speak as long as there are hours in the day.  When we are speaking via phone, I try to have a pen and pad near, as Uncle Barry tends to say something profound – almost always.  He is yet to fail me.  There is always an insight into something that I did not realize – prior to our conversation.  Our conversation on this particular day, as it usually does, started out with heartfelt greetings and other formalities and then one of us will say something about something we’ve read, something we’ve heard, or something along the lines of business.  You see, Uncle Barry is a self-made man.  He has worked for himself most of his adult life.  And this conversation, just as any other, commenced in the same manner.  And all I remember was, “…the degree to which you are committed to your reality equals the degree to which people will respect you!”   Those words came out of his mouth – effortlessly and it was like the words had a life of their own.  And I got it.  I completely got it!


When you get tired of being sick and tired, or when you are tired of going to school and stopping; when you are tired of working a dead-end job, when you are tired of that no-good piece a man or woman (and don’t we know plenty), when you are tired of just wandering aimlessly through life, without compass or sail and become committed to your reality, life will begin to unfold as it should – when it should.  And whatever that is, people will begin to respect you.  This relates to bullying, it relates to the job, the church, your children, husband or wife, parents – it does not matter, when you become committed to you, the world will commit equally to you.  I heard someone else say, “…for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Decide to be committed to you and look for a mirrored reaction! – Period, Case-Closed!

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