A Short Lesson on Confidence & Arrogance

As I mature and grow wiser, my thoughts become more clear, more meaningful and more exact.  Someone once stated to me, “…you think you are above everyone…!”  Of course this took me by surprise and the younger or immature or untoward me would have let him have it.  But the more experienced, thoughtful & triumphant me responded, “You mistake my confidence for arrogance. I do not think I am above anyone.  But I do think that I am NOT beneath anyone – either!”


Interestingly enough, my comment was from a lesson learned from a guy whom I had befriended many many years ago during my service in the United States Air Force.  He and I were serving at Luke Air Force Base and we had been having a conversation and it was about how people had issues with how he walked with his head held so high. He responded and I paraphrase, “…if people knew me when I walked often with my head hung low, then people  could understand why I can now walk with my head held high!”

Nuf’ said, Period, Case-Closed!

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