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I am often teased about being a “hoarder”.  Well a hoarder of sorts – according to my significant other J.R. because I keep everything, books, cards, containers, food – letters.  J.R. might tell you that the list is far longer.  But I simply enjoy and appreciate the things that are gifted to me: books, cards, clothing, etc.  I will keep them until they are simply worn.  I must get all the use out of it…because there’s so much love in the gift – at least that’s what I believe.  In the instant case, it was a letter that a dear, dear friend wrote to me many years ago during our Paralegal training.  Her birthday is coming up this month and wanted to share some of the letter with you.  It goes…

To:  Derek

Just thought I’d tell you how wonderful you’ve been as a friend.  

Thank you for being a great friend, listening to all the things I had to say…for finding the perfect words, when I wanted to cry, for keeping secrets, for being a strength during times of weakness, for bringing a bit of happiness in a time of sadness.  For this I respect you, for this I love you, for this I long to keep you as a friend….Your friend, Lena.


Truth is, she was the keeper of my secrets, my strength, my bright ray of sunshine in one of the darkest times in my life when dealing with a heartbreak.  We’ve all been there, so don’t pretend you came here “in perfect order”.  :0)

But I digress, she is funny, she is sweet, she is so very wise and equally strong.  Truth is…I Respect, Love and Long to keep her as my friend.  God was so kind to put you in my path as I could not have made it without you. – Period, Case-Closed!

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    there is nothing like having a true, friend…this is not a cliche, when you find someone that is truly trustworthy, give them their flowers now.

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