Trayvon Martin: Bemoaning yet another example of America’s inmaturity!

My memory fails me in recalling the circumstances for which I was given the card at the attached link below.  At the time, Ken, an Alpha, and I had wonderful conversations about God, spirituality, the universe – life!  I have kept it all these many years as it is truly one of my favorites.  You’ll understand why in a couple of minutes, do read on.  Click and Read here first:  Desiderata


When I first heard of the news of Trayvon’s death, I didn’t say much.  I didn’t text, email, nor call anyone as I was simply – stunned!  And as the days have gone on and the marches and protests continue, I became less stunned and increasingly incensed at this…this…slaughter!  There had to be something soothing for my soul.  And lo and behold I stumbled across one of my favorite poems – Desiderata.   I was then calmed.  This poem took me to a place of peace.  And although if but for a moment I found peace, Trayvon’s story is certainly proof of the shams, drudges, and broken dreams that continue to manifest in the world.  So maintaining a sense of peace is a roller coaster that rants and rages on within me and thousands of others for justice.  However, in this moment, if but for a moment, Desiderata is my place of peace. – Period, Case-Closed!

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