My Cup Runneth Over

Hurray for the new season of Oprah’s Lifeclass – The Tour!  It was she and Inyanla on this evenings premier.  It is my small opinion that this was one of the very best shows yet on OWN.  Everything flowed effortlessly it seemed.  At one point I felt like I was back in church – its been awhile, so stay with me. (smile)  Inyanla was speaking such truths – these maxims were flowing one after another and I was, “that’s it, that’s right…go ‘head!”, when I realized I didn’t have my notebook.  So I paused the show, I think for the third time and J.R., he’s so very patient with me.  I ran to the study, grabbed the notebook and this is what I wrote:

“…my cup runneth over.  What’s in the cup is for me or mine.  What’s in the saucer is for others.” – Inyanla


Class dismissed!Period, Case-Closed!

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