Ch6, “You Need to Make Up Your Mind!”

I discovered this in my journal just now. It is surprising as I’d written this over eight years ago and a dear friend made a comment recently, I think on yesterday, which was almost identical to the situation below.  I provided a comment, but oh, how I wish I could have recalled this one.  It’s uplifting – humorous – simple.

Your in a situation.  And you commenced to explain to me that you take two steps forward and then you take two steps backward.  And you ask me, “…oh great one, what great wisdom do you have for me regarding this situation?”

I gently respond, “…my child, please, explain to me once again, but shorter.  I am advanced in years and am patient for details.”

You then restated the situation, shorter, but rather hurriedly, “…Here’s the situation, I take two steps forward and then I take two steps backward.  What should I do?”

And my response was, “Dearest, you need to make up your mind!” – irvinism

Regarding Coincidence and Causation

“Accident,” said Kafka, “is the name one gives to the coincidence of events of which one does not know the causation. Therefore, in the world  there are no accidents, but only here…”  – touching his head. “Accidents exist only in our heads, in our limited perceptions. – Kafka

Commentary:  One of my favorite books is, “There are NO Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives!” by Robert Hopcke. I have not perused its pages for some time now. And when I read the above quote, I instantly thought of the this book.

For a very long time now, I have long believed that there are truly no accidents or coincidences.  This belief has remained with me in the face of troubles, trials, and tribulational relations, situations and circumstances.  Life truly does talk to you, if you’ll just listen.  There’s a pattern, if you just look ever so closely, there’s a pattern…there’s a reason, there’s a message…God is whispering. – Period, Case-Closed!

The Couch

“Someone is on the therapist’s couch because of you!” – Inyanla Vanzandt


Of course, we have all been there, figuratively and/or literally speaking. And as usual, I was taking notes during Oprah’s Lifeclass and too was making it personal (and that’s a good thing…b/c you don’t point fingers, you turn and apply the lessons inward – first). So, I therefore was thinking “I don’t have any issues with forgiveness. Whatever is in the past…is in the past, I am ok with it, I am through with it…” e-ce-ta-ra, e-ce-ta-ra!

As I awoke quite earlier than usual this morning, I decided I would review my notes from last night’s Lifeclass. I was thinking that it was “lackluster” because I’d recalled a show not long ago on OWN regarding “forgiveness”…stay with me, this is so good. I then realized that it’s not always about me and sometimes it’s not about you, but it is always about someone that is “on the couch”. OMG, I can teach on this for a moment.

What a flash of insight! We get so caught up in self, our own lives that we aren’t thinking about the anguish, distress or pain that we have caused someone else. I mean you remember when you were an ass to that black or white person or that Christian, Muslim or Jew just because they are who they are. Oh, don’t get me started! You see it is really not about “you” or “me” Boo. It’s about the other person that you or I put on the couch! – Period, Case-Closed!

The Red Thread of Fate

“The god’s have tied a red thread to each of our ankles – to all the people whose lives are destined to touch.  This thread may stretch, this thread may tangle, but this thread will never break.” – Chinese Legend


Just had to think of something to ground my thoughts as I excogitated on  our various human affairs, politics, spirituality, church, friends, family – love, hate – you get the picture? The above might suffice in providing a level of peace.  I tell ya, I understand more fully my part in it all.  What a dance this is! – Period, Case-Closed!

The New High!

“Sometimes the attention or support that we provide others during their time of  struggle becomes their New High!” – Tony Robbins, Oprah’s Lifeclass – The Tour, tonight’s episode.


We must be conscious and ever so careful when giving attention and support to the “woe is me addict!”.   We must ration attention and support sparingly once we learn that the attention and support you provide to them is really all they wanted in the first place.  Thus, they continue to come up with new issues, new problems, new struggles, new battles, new men, new women, new clothes, new shoes – new complaints.  You therefore provide more and more attention, support, money, cars, excuses – understanding that to be love.  In essence you become their “pusher”.  You support their new high.  I simply refuse, absolutely refuse to handicap you.   Period, Case-Closed!