Regarding Coincidence and Causation

“Accident,” said Kafka, “is the name one gives to the coincidence of events of which one does not know the causation. Therefore, in the world  there are no accidents, but only here…”  – touching his head. “Accidents exist only in our heads, in our limited perceptions. – Kafka

Commentary:  One of my favorite books is, “There are NO Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives!” by Robert Hopcke. I have not perused its pages for some time now. And when I read the above quote, I instantly thought of the this book.

For a very long time now, I have long believed that there are truly no accidents or coincidences.  This belief has remained with me in the face of troubles, trials, and tribulational relations, situations and circumstances.  Life truly does talk to you, if you’ll just listen.  There’s a pattern, if you just look ever so closely, there’s a pattern…there’s a reason, there’s a message…God is whispering. – Period, Case-Closed!

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