We Are All On The Wheel!

We were speaking, as we often do about life: politics, finance, business – religion, etc. when somehow after we ended up on the later and I was bitter about some things with “the church” and how hypocritical religious people are and was infuriated with how religion has been transformed into a business (this is my opinion) while so many are suffering needlessly alone and have even lost the will to live. I was on my soapbox, livid and was ready to blow a fuse or two when he said, “…we are all on the wheel”.

An intellectual and one of my most favorite people on the planet, Uncle Barry is the source that inspired this entry. I often find it necessary to have pen, paper, paper towel, or napkin when he commences to speak.  If I don’t write it down in that moment the inspirations might be lost in the annals of time whereby no one else might get a chance to enjoy the deeply thoughtful lessons.


It was a short, but profoundly thought provoking statement that caused me to self-reflect again on my part in the world that we all have created. It appears that once we befriend the notion that we are all works in progress, that none of us are perfect, that we all have donned cloaks of mortality, we then see more clearly the absolute necessity to love, to assist, to help, to motivate and did I say “to love”? It would behoove us to recall that before the beautiful and colorful pottery that adorns our homes become such beautiful and colorful pottery that adorn our homes – were nothing but scooped lumps of clay in the hand of a potter who knew only what the clay was to become.You may ask the potter as much as you would, but truth is; only the potter knows how the lump of clay is going to turn out. So, we will learn more and more not to judge, we all fall short and stumble in life, but we must simply remember that, “We Are All On The Wheel” – Derek Irvin