God Can vs. God Will

It was many, many years ago that I had been struggling with this thing.  Let’s call it a thorn.  However, on this particularly beautiful European morning in northeastern Germany all was going well as I was spending it with friends laughing, singing – reminiscing, when I was driven in an instant to a very deep low.  And after I had made it back to my place, I fell on my knees adjacent to my bed and begin to fervently pray and sort of “let God have it!”  I was beyond tired, vexed – exasperated of this thorn as I had been praying about the removal of this thorn for so long and had no more fight in me.  Although being churchly, I understood that if the thorn was going to be removed, that God was the only one that could remove it.  So, on this day, I begin to beg and plead with God to come to my aide saying, “…God I know you can, I know you can do this as there is simply nothing too difficult for you.  Please do this, I know you can!  If you do not remove this thorn then I must die, I cannot live this way any longer.  I’m tired of this thing, this is tortuous and I refuse to live like this any longer.  So, please, I know you can do this!”

After my little tirade, I was silent.  It was sort of like the one you might have experienced with your little child, you know what I’m talking about like when they want something, but you knowing what is better for them you refuse or you say nothing.  Well, after my tirade, I was silent.  I said nothing.  I was all cried out – without much piety left and pissed, when I heard God clearly say to me, “Derek, faith is not knowing that I can, but knowing that I will!”


Have you ever thought about the difference in the two clauses “God can” and “God will”?  You see, there is no faith in “God can”.  Truly faith lies in knowing that “God will”.  “God can” gives you hope.  However, “God will” gives you peace!” – Period, Case-Closed!