A Celebration of Love by Robert & Nathaniel

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V92tbalSTm0?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

One of my sister’s stopped by on this evening. She shared the following video with JR and I.  I could not wait to post it.  I’ll provide commentary later. Meanwhile, I am very supportive of Robert’s & Nathaniel’s LOVE for one another, however, they choose to express or share it Oh and yes, only ONE of the grooms is a Kappa, not that it matters, but I couldn’t figure out how to correct the title of the video before posting – nevertheless, enjoy.

Congratulations you guys! – Period, Case-Closed!


5 thoughts on “A Celebration of Love by Robert & Nathaniel”

  1. Commentary Part One:
    It’s good to listen to spirit. I’d “somehow” ended up with the title, “A Celebration of Love” because it would have been easier to jump into the fray fussing, cussing and slinging mud thus adding fuel to the fiery conversation. And as I sat down this evening to write the commentary, as I promised you, I struggled in trying not to “go there”, you know, slinging mud. And as I wrestled with my thoughts, I finally rested upon a statement and I slightly paraphrase it here. Martin Luther King said, “There are those who are thermometers, they measure the temperature in a room…and those who are thermostats…they change the temperature in a room…”

    In this part one commentary, I choose to change the temperature in the room. I will not add fuel to the fire. I choose to focus on Robert’s and Nathaniel’s great audacious expression of LOVE for each other. It is their inalienable right. And should you find their inalienable right so unpalatable, why don’t you close your eyes or turn your back or run in the opposite direction? Oh, that’s right…too many already do. Could this be the explanation of all the current and historical wars? – Period, Case-Closed!

    1. Optimistic! I”m appreciative. It’s been a while since I’ve been on WP, life unfolds as I have created it, but am working daily to become more clear on my path. I miss visiting your blog. I’ll catch up soon, meanwhile, I am so very appreciative. Hugs!

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