7 Million Under Correctional Supervision

There are a total of 7 + million people under correctional supervision: in jail, prison, or on probation or parole (Davis, 2014).


This statistic is of such a contradiction to the American value and tradition of second chances. Particularly, considering the nation’s indictiments against other countries.  Iraq is a chief example.   Furthermore, ex-offenders return home to a number of legal discriminations, disabilities, and or penalties (Irvin, 2014).  Irvin (2014) continued with these discriminations, etc. or called collateral challenges or consequences.  These consequences and challenges are a type of perpetual punishment; it is perpetual retribution even after time-served, fines and or fees paid, even after successful completion of correctional supervision.  Isn’t this is a fine example of a national hypocrisy?  – Period, Case-Closed!