“B…tch and What?!”


Road Rage

It had been another wild and crazy week.  It was now Friday and I simply wanted to get home to another glass of red.  Back stabbings, lies, low-performing students, administration issues, etc., by week’s end, I had enough of life’s “lessons” for one week. When I arrived home, I discovered that there was no Merlot – not one bottle of red!  So I had to get back in the car and into traffic to travel to the Spec’s in Missouri City/Sugar Land on Texas 6.

As I pulled into the parking lot from Texas 6, I was rounding this one particular restaurant and was pulling out into the center driveway of the shopping center.  As I was doing so, out the corner of my eye, there was a lady, a short-haired brunette in a silver what looked like a Honda CRV or something coming onto the driveway from the other major side street.  As I had plenty of room and/or time to do so, I drove onto the center driveway as she “tooted” her horn.  It wasn’t loud, or steady, just a “toot-toot”.  My fuse burst.  I swung the truck over to the side leaving the rear of my SUV partly in the driveway.  The driver had pulled around me and as she did so, she stopped so that we were looking at each other, she out the driver window and I out the front passenger window.  Before she could say anything, I retorted, “B…tch and what?!”  She looked as if she would chew me a new one, but again, before she could say anything, I again, spat, “B…tch and what?!”

She tilted her head and I was prepared to spew curses most foul when her energy shifted and she said ever so softly, “I’m sorry!” 

As I processed her response and am looking at her energy go from frustration to that of love, it was as if time stood still.

I responded, “No, I’m so sorry!”

She responded again, “I’m sorry!”

Finally, I said, “Thank you, because I so needed that…”

After a couple more pleasantries, she said, “have a blessed day”.


This event occurred around the same time as “Ain’t No Way”.  (See previous post on March 14th, 2014.)  God, the Universe, take your pick, was so working with me during this time – as He/She is with all of us.  Our lives, as we have created them, are very busy.  However, the purpose of this commentary is to share the lesson and the gift that I think this lady and I received in that moment.  I clearly saw her energy change from a high pressurized, I’m gonna kick your…well, you know, to a state that was almost Zen like.  She might have been a healthcare worker as she wore scrubs, but I realized after it was over that she too probably had a very busy and stressful day, but to see her energy change like it did, it was almost surreal.  I tell you it was angelic.  We both met in a place that transcended that driveway or parking lot – where time truly stood still and we recognized each others humanity and to show – LOVE.   There was not a need for explanations, only love.  In that brief moment, we were both so truly sorry.  The lesson was heaven.  The gift was love – Period, Case-Closed.