The Role of Race in American Justice System

A particularly important aspect of the role of race in the justice system relates to sentencing, because the prospect of a racially discriminatory process violates the ideals of equal treatment under law which the system is premised (Kansal, T. & Mauer, M., 2005).

Kansal and Mauer (2005) continued with:  The most recent generation of evidence suggests that while racial dynamics have changed over time, race still exerts an undeniable presence in the sentencing process. 


Should those among us who have a reasonably functioning mind just ignore the fact that racism is not a factor in the lives of the so-called minority?  Should those of us of all objective categories of race and creed who research and read the data run and bury our heads in the sand – choosing to be oblivious to the data that speaks with an absolute clarity that we’ve much work to do before America becomes this Utopian society? Absolutely not!  We all have work to do!  Let us be about it! Period, Case-Closed.

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