Power of the Tongue


The power of the HUMAN TONGUE is incalculable.  We can measure the effects of the TIDES and WINDS and weight the PLANETS; but no one has ever invented a method for calculating the influence of the tongue for good or evil.

The TONGUE is man’s most fearful WEAPON OF ATTACK.  It has the sting of an ADDER, the poison of the ASP.  Like that of the woodpecker, it is a boring instrument for SEARCHING OUT and LAYING BARE every decayed place in character and conduct.  You may guard against the blow by the hand or the weapon, ; but the TONGUE set’s in motion a mere PUFF OF AIR, more DANGEROUS than the THE THRUST OF A SWORD.

The WORD is uttered and the DEED IS DONE.  The POISONED arrow has been let fly and has reached the mark.  The TONGUE is at the same time, a marvelous WEAPON OF DEFENSE, a six-shooter, holding every enemy at bay, and really more to be feared than an ARMED REGIMENT (Zion’s Herald, 1893).


After revisiting this, one of my most favorite literary pieces, I immediately thought of the 2016 Race for the White House.  – Period, Case-Closed!

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