And We Call Ourselves Christian?!

The United States imprisons for more people, both in absolute numbers and in the rate of incarceration, than any other country in the world (Soltis, 2011).

Black Male Jail 1


We must work to design a new conception of justice in the United States.  What we have currently does not work.  The research states that is does NOT work.  In this so-called “Christian” nation, we are very quick to punish rather than to rehabilitate.  So quick to retaliate versus vindicate or rehabilitate!  Remember back in the day, when someone would do something to you, our response was ” Imma get you!”  I think our “justice system” is true to its word in demonstrating “Imma get you!”   And we call ourselves “christian”.  – Period, Case-Closed!

Soltis, K. G. (2011).  Mass Incarceration and Theological Images of Justice.  Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics.

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