Impostors of Leadership


They speak such wondrous words of wisdom and sometimes spirituality. They even pat you on the back and tell you what a wonderful job you are doing.  They become our presidents and vice presidents, directors, managers, teachers, scholars, business and community leaders, etc.  They manage to gather great support of colleagues; they build a wonderful network of advocates.  They publish books, articles, become great orators – they build and or lead multi-million and billion dollar companies. We praise them for their astonishing accomplishments. 


This post was inspired by a conversation on yesterday with my brother James and my friend Tammy.  Both conversations were about leadership.  It was Tammy who mentioned the words “impostors of leadership” during our conversation.  I immediately responded, “OMG, this sounds like a blog post!”  During both conversations, I was reminded of a particular scripture.  We have all heard it said many times.  It starts with a warning, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves!” (Matthew 7:15, KJV).  I can imagine the Master making this great announcement – loudly, forcibly and emphatically.

Prophets are a type of leader – a spiritual leader, if you will.  However, then also there are our leaders in medicine, education, criminal justice, law, politics, etc., etc.    Some of them, maybe many of them are no more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Excuse me, “ravenous” wolves in sheep clothing.  I then looked up the word “ravenous” to get a greater understanding of what this piece of scripture was attempting to communicate.  Among the synonyms are:  ferocious, greedy, insatiable, and voracious – could eat a horse!  There is so much in the idea “could eat a horse!”, but time does not permit.  Meanwhile, what I can share with you is that the Master has already forewarned us, “Beware, Beware, BEWARE!”  A wolf in sheep clothing does NOT look like a wolf.  They are NOT sheep and they are NOT leaders.  They are impostors!  Huh?! – Period, Case-Closed!

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