600,000 People Leave Prison

Men Prison

For the more than 600,000 who leave prison (or jail) and re-enter society every year, finding employment can be a severe challenge (Wall Street Journal, 2014).


I came across this startling statistic as I was researching and writing for dissertation today. It was 700,000 about 2 and half years ago when commenced the research. Earlier today, I heard that 5 people were stabbed at a neo-Nazi event in Sacramento, California.  As you recall, two weeks ago there was the mass killing that left close to 50 people dead at an Orlando nightclub. Pray for me!  I am at a place in my life today where I  have a bitter taste for religion.  It seems the message of religion has been lost.  The message of Love.  Or maybe it was never about Love?!  When I was in it, I had my 10 lb. bible and I wore people out with it. So, I guess the question again, was it ever about Love?!  It can’t be, not with 600,000 people leaving jail or prison every year.  Do we need a check-up from the neck up?!! What’s wrong with us?!! – Period, Case-Closed!

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