4 thoughts on “Everyone is a Genuis”

    1. Dr. Lane,
      My Uncle Barry telephoned yesterday. He too enjoyed the post. We talked for at least a good 30 minutes. As educators and educational leaders, particularly from the concept of our doctoral studies in Educational Leadership, I found this to be amazingly empowering. Thanks so much for visiting and your thoughts around the conversation.

  1. Dr. Irvin,
    What a wonderful post! If only the realization by ALL educators, is that every learner has their own unique capabilities for learning; some more than others, some different than others, and more importantly some much quicker than others. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Mrs. Duncan,
      You have spoken like the true veteran educator that you are! None could have said it better. This cartoon might need to be shared with all teacher preparation programs. You are welcome and thanks for visiting.

      Derek Irvin

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