Small Important Victory in Congress

As you’ll recall, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) proposed an amendment to the defense authorizations bill in early June. The amendment, if passed, would have given people long mandatory minimum prison sentences for as little as half a gram of the drug fentanyl. This change would have put more drug users and addicts in federal prisons, at huge cost to families and taxpayers.

More than 1,600 of you wrote to your members of Congress to oppose this idea, and they listened! The amendment never even came up for a vote, and the defense bill passed today without the sentencing increases included.

Thank you for your advocacy – playing this kind of defense really matters. Every time we stop lawmakers from making bad sentencing laws worse, we send an important message: mandatory sentencing laws are not acceptable. We want a smarter approach to solving America’s drug problems and keeping the public safe.

Thanks for your hard work and support!  (FAMM, 2016).


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