Consumers Attend Free Law Classes

5Peoples Law School

About 500 people attend this free program designed to help make the law “user friendly” to the layperson. Among the subjects covered are: basic insurance law, employment law, finding the law, health insurance law, consumer law, bankruptcy, wills, family law, business law, landlord/tenant law, credit, debt collection, how to work with attorneys, and how to file claims in small claims court. Local judges, attorneys, and professors teach all of the classes.

This semiannual event was originated by Richard M. Alderman, Dwight Olds Chair in Law at the University of Houston Law Center, who is known to many as “The People’s Lawyer.” The People’s Law School is conducted with the help of volunteers from the community and from the Law Center faculty and staff.  If you would like more information on when are the next class sessions, call the Community Outreach Program Office at  713-743-2100.

It’s an “amazing service”.  Houston Chronicle


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