If Your Are Not Getting – Give Ch1

coffeeIf you are not getting – give! – Prayer-line, 5:30 am, Saturday, June 9th, 2016 of my dear friend Parrish (not his real name).


No, I was not on the prayer-line, but probably should have been.  I’m just saying! I had wanted my significant other, I call him Boobie (Boo-bie), to go to Starbucks to get coffee.  He responded, “no, ’cause I have to watch Serena!” I immediately became incensed.  My response was twofold:  You might think this is all in my head, but my peppermint mocha tastes immensely better when my Boobie buys it. Lol.  I’m so serious. Additionally, I went to get the coffee the last two times. LOL.

Pissed, I went downstairs to get something, I do not even recall what.  Sidebar:  Aren’t we humans funny?  As I opened the refrigerator freezer, Parrish’s frozen mocha frappucino fell and smashed onto my foot.  IT HURT LIKE HELL!  Parrish came into the kitchen.  I told him I would go and get a replacement.  Parrish said that it was not necessary.  I then shared with Parrish my Boobie’s comment about his need to watch Serena.  That’s when Parrish shared the thought for this post. I immediately got the lesson and went and purchased my Boobie’s triple grande white chocolate mocha, Parrish’s mocha frappucino (although he did want the replacement), and of course my double tall, non-fat, peppermint mocha. I’m glad I went and got the coffee, although I went the last two times.  It’s been 14.5 years, challenging, but truth be told – really, really great compared to most.  50/50? – please! Outside of abuse, give even if you are not gettingPeriod, Case-Closed!

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