Is Race a biological reality?

Stack of religious books

We talk about  how racism is ultimately based on the falsehood that humanity is biologically divided into separate “races”, each with distinct characteristics. From the beginning of our work, we have maintained that “race” is a concept created by humans and not a biological reality. – Barbara Hacker, Retired Teacher


Maybe we should start there, center the conversation around the word “human”. If all the holy books are correct, the creator created “humans”.  My christian tradition taught me that in the beginning there was one man and one woman.  If this is true, we truly are all brother’s and sisters.  So again, I recommend we start from the place that we are all – Human. Hopefully the uppity, pompous, and pious (most of us if not all) will be silenced.  That our so-called truths will be cast into the deepest corners of space ever to be forgotten. One of us is lying, maybe all of us.  As such, we need to throw away the traditions and start ova!  Huh?  How ’bout that?! Period, Case-Closed.

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