Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch4

iceburgWhy should a believer in God hate an atheist? Surely the atheist has not injured God, and surely he is human, capable of  joy and pain, and entitled to all the rights of man.  – Robert G. Ingersoll


I know, I know, four quotes thus far from Ingersoll.  Watching the news and conversations Saturday morning (Jul 9th) surrounding the murders of two Black men and now the police officers in Dallas is when I heard someone quote Ingersoll. This quote speaks to what I have long held as a foundation to my religious and spiritual beliefs.  If God is God, then he/she cannot be moved by the feeble beliefs of his/her creation – man/woman. Our belief in the existence or non-existence of God does not make God no more or less – GOD! However, if you believe that you have been especially selected or commissioned to spread (not demonstrate), but spread the so-called “word of God”, then no wonder we have this hell on earth.  I mean it makes complete sense to me now.  I have family and many a friend, Black, White, Jew, etc., etc. who believe they are God’s chosen. Please help me understand why would God need any of us to be his/her mouthpiece? To my recollection, neither of us were consulted when God laid the foundation(s) of the heavens?  I need to know where were we then?  I need to know this! And if we cannot provide a reasonable answer, then we should be silent or return to Oblivion. Period, Case-Closed!

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