Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch6

iceburgWould it not be far better to treat the atheist at least as well as he/she treats us? – Robert G. Ingersoll


I am a believer!  I don’t know yet why I have to share that with you.  Maybe its because I have shared so many of Mr. Ingersoll’s thoughts in the last few weeks from his book, Some Mistakes of Moses. At any rate, there you have it, I Am A Believer!  So, now that I have said it, I waited for the thunder to roar, the clouds to part.  I waited for envy, jealousy, covetousness, racism and hatred to disappear – to vanish!  Well, they did not!  I think there is more to being a Believer than the labor of our tongues! Otherwise, we continue to get what we’ve been getting, i.e. three new deaths of police officers. Remember those in Dallas? As of this morning, there’s three more in Baton Rouge, LA.  However, let us dare not stop there, I do too remember the two Black men slaughtered near Baton Rouge and St. Paul.  In terms of the question offered above by Ingersoll, Is it necessary that the news media illustrate or narrate the death of these human beings the same?  As human tragedies? Revisiting the the image above, TWO different groups, SAME iceberg!  Yet, there’s something eerily different about the narratives of the police officers and the two Black men.  Or maybe its just me?  Period, Case-Closed!

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