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Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch6

iceburgWould it not be far better to treat the atheist at least as well as he/she treats us? – Robert G. Ingersoll


I am a believer!  I don’t know yet why I have to share that with you.  Maybe its because I have shared so many of Mr. Ingersoll’s thoughts in the last few weeks from his book, Some Mistakes of Moses. At any rate, there you have it, I Am A Believer!  So, now that I have said it, I waited for the thunder to roar, the clouds to part.  I waited for envy, jealousy, covetousness, racism and hatred to disappear – to vanish!  Well, they did not!  I think there is more to being a Believer than the labor of our tongues! Otherwise, we continue to get what we’ve been getting, i.e. three new deaths of police officers. Remember those in Dallas? As of this morning, there’s three more in Baton Rouge, LA.  However, let us dare not stop there, I do too remember the two Black men slaughtered near Baton Rouge and St. Paul.  In terms of the question offered above by Ingersoll, Is it necessary that the news media illustrate or narrate the death of these human beings the same?  As human tragedies? Revisiting the the image above, TWO different groups, SAME iceberg!  Yet, there’s something eerily different about the narratives of the police officers and the two Black men.  Or maybe its just me?  Period, Case-Closed!

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch5

Stack of religious books
Stack of religious books

To hate man and worship God seems to be the sum of all the creeds. – Robert G. Ingersoll.


The truth of this position has again been demonstrated in Baton Rouge, LA. Three police officers have been shot and killed.  Can we expect more deaths of police officers or Black men? Enough already!  Churches and mosques around the nation are packed I am sure. What will the message be – continue to love God and hate our brother/sister?  We can pray all we would like. Might our problem be the message and our demonstration of the message? – Period, Case-Closed!


Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch4

iceburgWhy should a believer in God hate an atheist? Surely the atheist has not injured God, and surely he is human, capable of  joy and pain, and entitled to all the rights of man.  – Robert G. Ingersoll


I know, I know, four quotes thus far from Ingersoll.  Watching the news and conversations Saturday morning (Jul 9th) surrounding the murders of two Black men and now the police officers in Dallas is when I heard someone quote Ingersoll. This quote speaks to what I have long held as a foundation to my religious and spiritual beliefs.  If God is God, then he/she cannot be moved by the feeble beliefs of his/her creation – man/woman. Our belief in the existence or non-existence of God does not make God no more or less – GOD! However, if you believe that you have been especially selected or commissioned to spread (not demonstrate), but spread the so-called “word of God”, then no wonder we have this hell on earth.  I mean it makes complete sense to me now.  I have family and many a friend, Black, White, Jew, etc., etc. who believe they are God’s chosen. Please help me understand why would God need any of us to be his/her mouthpiece? To my recollection, neither of us were consulted when God laid the foundation(s) of the heavens?  I need to know where were we then?  I need to know this! And if we cannot provide a reasonable answer, then we should be silent or return to Oblivion. Period, Case-Closed!

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch3

Stack of religious books
Stack of religious books

Mankind will be enslaved until there is mental grandeur enough to allow each man to have his thought and say.  This earth will be a paradise when men can…differ, and yet grasp each other’s hands as friends.  – Robert G. Ingersoll


In other words, we will experience utopia when men and women have an imbalance of cognitive superiority or an exceeding spiritual stock.  Otherwise, we will continue to move further and further away from the bow and arrow, rocks and stones, pistols, rifles, and machine guns towards new tools of mass human destruction; this includes too our religious books and doctrine.  I’m in the mood to teach this morning! How ’bout that?!  Period, Case-Closed!

Is Race a biological reality?

Stack of religious books

We talk about  how racism is ultimately based on the falsehood that humanity is biologically divided into separate “races”, each with distinct characteristics. From the beginning of our work, we have maintained that “race” is a concept created by humans and not a biological reality. – Barbara Hacker, Retired Teacher


Maybe we should start there, center the conversation around the word “human”. If all the holy books are correct, the creator created “humans”.  My christian tradition taught me that in the beginning there was one man and one woman.  If this is true, we truly are all brother’s and sisters.  So again, I recommend we start from the place that we are all – Human. Hopefully the uppity, pompous, and pious (most of us if not all) will be silenced.  That our so-called truths will be cast into the deepest corners of space ever to be forgotten. One of us is lying, maybe all of us.  As such, we need to throw away the traditions and start ova!  Huh?  How ’bout that?! Period, Case-Closed.

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch2

hands up

Until every soul is freely permitted to investigate every book, and creed, and dogma for itself, the world cannot be free. – Robert G. Ingersoll


It seems America’s founding fathers understood this “at a level”. In the Declaration of Independence they stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal.”  On the one level, this is what they said, but their actions were very different.  Which leads me to the conclusion, they spake with forked tongues!  So, until we embrace the notion of freely investigating books, creeds, dogmas – ideas, then we will continue to experience the horrors of the last week near St. Paul and Baton Rouge, and now Dallas.  Of course this would require that we are brave enough to be silent, listen, and educate ourselves on the experiences of other humans.  That might just be it – maybe, we are not human?   Period, Case-Closed.

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch 1

hands upIt is amazing to me that a difference of opinion upon subjects that we know nothing with certainty about, should make us hate, persecute, and despise each other. – Robert G. Ingersoll


As an Black male, I go out into the world daily with an understanding of how the world views Black men. My feelings can be best described in the context of the latest murders of two Black men, the one near Baton Rouge, LA. and the other near St. Paul, MN. Whether it is about the hatred, persecution, or loathing of some Whites of Blacks, Heterosexuals of Homosexuals, Men of Women, Jews of Gentiles, Christians of non-believers, etc., etc., I too have found it indeed – AMAZING. However, after reading the above excerpt by Ingersoll, I now understand why from a different perspective that it is NOT amazing.  We should expect nothing less from so-called humans when the very make-up of their mental faculties are founded upon one’s superiority and another’s inferiority. How ’bout that?! Period, Case-Closed!

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This semiannual event was originated by Richard M. Alderman, Dwight Olds Chair in Law at the University of Houston Law Center, who is known to many as “The People’s Lawyer.” The People’s Law School is conducted with the help of volunteers from the community and from the Law Center faculty and staff.  If you would like more information on when are the next class sessions, call the Community Outreach Program Office at  713-743-2100.

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