Kanye’s Outburst

Last evening, Kanye West obviously had a breakdown.  I’m not quite sure of what his intentions were, but that was immature, out-of-place, – wrong on so many levels.

And Taylor Swift, despite the embarrassment, I think she handled herself maturely.  And I didn’t get to see Beyonce’ invite Taylor back up on stage as I was informed.  But Wow!  That was class!  I will not spend much time on Kanye.  Prior to last night I had a healthy respect for him.  Now, well, let’s just say, “…this would be a good example of a much needed apology and maybe some sort of community service, say, putting that mike in his mouth and making him go sit backstage in a corner.”  Period, Case-Closed!

Oprah-Whitney Interview Pt1

The Oprah and Whitney interview completed not long ago.  I was not happy about the interview starting late because of the Federer and Del Potro tennis match.  We had been watching the match all evening, well, I was spot watching.  However, I did watch the last 45 minutes are so of the match as I was anticipating Oprah to start at any moment. I was moved by Del Potro’s couple of requests to get his award amounts stated in Spanish.  Del Potro is from Argentina.  And he wanted his winnings to be announced in Spanish.  I could have sworn the announcer dissed Del Potro.  Sidebar:  I don’t miss much – trust me!   And then when asked again, he had the audacity to say, “…we are almost out of time…”.  I mean the audacity.  Mr. Announcer you have taken 45 minutes of my personal time with Oprah and you are concerned about what, a couple of more minutes of lime light for this great player?   “…we are almost out of time…” No sir, you are mistaken; you were out of time at 7:00pm.  That was half an hour ago. How dare you?  I personally do NOT mind giving a couple of more minutes of my Oprah time to allow Del Potro his moment of fame.  I mean no one comes between me and my Oprah, but this was this man’s moment!  Period, Case-Closed!

But any who, I have digressed!  I did watch the entire Oprah-Whitney interview.  I believe the interview was honest, open – candid.  Whitney looks great and I am looking forward to the next part of the interview.  However, I just could not help thinking about the GREAT talent Whitney was back in the day.  I don’t mean “was” in any sense to be negative or to take away from Whitney.  Whitney will always be Whitney to me.  I can always go back to listen to the old songs on any day.  But she IS the standard!  She IS the voice, as Oprah so well put it.  And just as there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson, there will NEVER be another Whitney…well, hold up, I recant that statement.  Never say Never, right?  I mean both Michael and Whitney have set a standard.  They two are the Standard in their respective genres.  They have set the bar.  Now if there is anyone out there with any amount of perceived talent, I wish you the best in becoming the New Standard.  You have your work to do, Period, Case-Closed!

Make Up Your Mind

I discovered this in my journal just now.  It is surprising as I’d written this over eight years ago and a dear friend made a comment recently, I think on yesterday, which was almost identical to the situation below.  I provided a comment, but oh, how I wish I could have recalled this one.  It’s uplifting – humorous – simple.  

Your in a situation.  And you commenced to explain to me that you take two steps forward and then you take two steps backward.  And you ask me, “…oh great one, what great wisdom do you have for me regarding this situation?”

I gently respond, “…my child, please, explain to me once again, but shorter.  I am advanced in years and am patient for details.” 

You then restated the situation, shorter, but rather hurriedly, “…Here’s the situation, I take two steps forward and then I take two steps backward.  What should I do?”

And my response was, “Dearest, you need to make up your mind!” – Irvinism

Longer School Hours & Semesters and Higher Teacher Salaries

Yesterday was my first day of class. I accepted a teaching position with one of the local colleges. It is an English as a Second Language (ESL) class. I would like to make mention of my observation. This ESL class is a six hour class, on a Saturday, for the next four months. The ESL classes are free, at least for the college that I am working with. The students are quite grateful for these Free classes. The students are Motivated. They Want to Learn. They have jobs, they have families, but they remain Motivated and Dedicated to learning to speak English – better.

Last semester, there was one student in particular that is indelibly etched in my mind. This student, a Hispanic male, started his day, six days a week, leaving Houston at approximately 4:30am, driving to Southeast Texas, specifically, Port Arthur, Texas to work construction. Stay with me! He then returned to Houston, specifically, Tomball all the way from Port Arthur, Texas for my ESL class. The class, then, was three days a week, 6pm-9pm. He did this – consistently for Four months.

I am once again, convinced that if we put our minds to something, we can do it. I don’t care what it is. There is an argument against extending the school day, the school semester and raising Teacher salaries. Is there anything wrong with this idea? My humble answer is Nothing! As an educator, I am going to tell you the truth behind this crazy argument about Not extending the school day or school semester for our kids and/or providing a fair salary to our teachers. America is falling quickly behind other countries in terms of graduate rates and academic achievement. This is a most urgent matter. I applaud President Obama for his ideas about extending the school day and/or the semester or both. I applaud Oprah for having a genuine love for teachers and understanding the need for higher salaries for our teachers. If you have Not heard, Dropout Rates in our country are Epidemic. We continue to fall behind our foreign competitors. I deal with American students, adult students, who are reading at a 5th and 6th grade level and some are lower. Yet, there are foreign students who have come to America and read and speak English – Better than many Americans. This should be a concern for all Americans.  Nevertheless, there are those who do Not want longer school days nor semesters nor higher salaries for our teachers. My response – We need longer days, longer semesters, and higher pay for Teachers. Period! Case-Closed!



Welcome to Period! Case-Closed!

As I was enroute to the office this morning, Thursday, September 10, 2009, I received a call.  The call came in at precisely 7:14am.  (I know because I just looked at my cell phone to confirm).   But anywho, I digress.  A friend of mine commenced to explain to me that a congressman yelled out at our newly elected President Barack Obama, last evening, by calling him a “lie”.  I cannot begin to tell you what I felt. I was utterly pissed!  But at a certain level, as I’ve been for several weeks now, bothered by the flat out lies that certain factions continue to spread day after day after day.  Come Hell or  High Water, even at the risk of causing the complete collapse of civility, they lie. Even when threatened with the woes of hades and the scorn of heaven, they continue to lie. Even if it means that they must face the trials and plagues of Old, these factions attempt to paint this illusion that Barack Obama is this worst thing that ever happened to this great country.  Something commenced to well up in me like…well, it was sort of a…I wanted to just…. just…just…I don’t know – Yell! I had a mixture of thoughts and emotions that rolled through my mind and I got to be honest, after the conversation was complete, I had to turn the radio to an inspiration station.  There, as so many times in the past – My Inspiration returned.  My Inspiration nudged at me again, “The Blog, The Blog – The Blog!  You must get your blog, Period! Case-Closed started.  You Must.  You Must. You Must!!!”  And this is where I begin.  I introduce and welcome you to my blog, “Period! Case-Closed!”


Forward: The Real You

You can pretend as much as you please, but the real you is going to win, however long an arduous – it will win!! – an Irvinism


This truth is akin to something I heard Maya Angelou say many years ago when she stated, “When someone shows you who they really are – believe them!”  I am too thinking that when men and women, mother’s and fathers – when people simply accept who they are (especially in America), I am thinking there will be spontaneous healing.  As I begin this entry, I looked up the “depression” medications.  Oh My God!  You must see for yourself.  As to spontaneous healing, I think that the market for this laundry list of drugs will simply dry up.  And then I wondered, “Are people having that difficult of a time being themselves?” – Period, Case-Closed!