The Resilience Breakthrough, Part 2

Resilience Breakthrough

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down, but you fight on!  Resilient people have both tapped and untapped reserves, enabling them to overcome and thrive as they face the setbacks, challenges, and fears of daily life. – Christian Moore, LCSW


I began reading this book this weekend.  We might be using it to either expand current programming or develop a new program of study around – resilience. I am only into the introduction and I had to share this quote.  Christian has a most inspiring story, a student who had severe learning differences (disabilities), i.e. ADHD.  Additionally, I think in light of the latest two murders of Black males, the one near Baton Rouge, LA and the other near St. Paul, MN, community organization is certainly what the community needs.  We cannot shut down.  We have to develop a renewed or expanded resiliency to overcome or cope and thrive in a place that has continued to be hostile.  Period, Case-Closed!

The Resilience Breakthrough Pt 1a

Resilience BreakthroughThere is an honor in pressing through even the worst of circumstances, and this is because of one of life’s most important truths:  Pain channeled in a positive direction is the greatest thing than can happen to you. – Christian Moore, LSCW


I can not put this book down!  My thoughts surrounding this quote moved me immediately to the horrific events near Baton Rouge, LA, near St. Paul, MN, and in Dallas, TX. Now is the opportune moment for Law Enforcement agencies and communities around this nation to really take a deep look at these heinously, bloodcurdling – repulsive incidents and admit that we have a problem, in Louisiana, in Minnesota, in Dallas – in America!  We have to fix it and the only way to fix it is to press through it (the fear, the racism, etc.) and be honest and admit that we have a problem.  I don’t care what side you are on.  We have a problem with our Christian…Muslim selves.  We have a problem. –Period, Case-Closed!

The Resilience Breakthrough, Part 1

Resilience BreakthroughResiliency is the ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down – but you fight on! – Christian Moore, LCSW


I am reading this book for a potential project in the program for which I am employed.  Recently, I read a public Facebook post on June 26th, 2016, 7:33am, by my second mother.  Her husband went to school with my mother.  She shared a number of challenges that speak to the reason many would shut down:  The lost of two children (her oldest daughter and her only son), then a car wreck that included her other children, the loss of a father, surviving breast cancer, blood clots in both lungs, then her baby too experienced blood clots in both lungs and through all this eventually graduated from college. When I read the definition of resiliency above, I had to stop to publish my thoughts as I immediately thought of her.  She has absolutely demonstrated resiliency.  She is the epitome of resiliency. Period, Case-Closed!

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch2

hands up

Until every soul is freely permitted to investigate every book, and creed, and dogma for itself, the world cannot be free. – Robert G. Ingersoll


It seems America’s founding fathers understood this “at a level”. In the Declaration of Independence they stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal.”  On the one level, this is what they said, but their actions were very different.  Which leads me to the conclusion, they spake with forked tongues!  So, until we embrace the notion of freely investigating books, creeds, dogmas – ideas, then we will continue to experience the horrors of the last week near St. Paul and Baton Rouge, and now Dallas.  Of course this would require that we are brave enough to be silent, listen, and educate ourselves on the experiences of other humans.  That might just be it – maybe, we are not human?   Period, Case-Closed.

If You Are Not Getting – Give! Ch2

f you are not getting – give! – Prayer-line, 5:30 am, Saturday, June 9th, 2016 of my dear friend Parrish (not his real name).


Boobie came to ask me if I needed my coffee heated. I did!  I am in the home office researching and writing. I guess “Serena” is on commercial!  LOL!  Anywho, OMG, I swear this coffee tastes better.  You laugh?  I am so serious!  It’s so darn good!!!  If you came directly here to Ch 2, you must read Ch I to understand.  Anywho, back to dissertation. Period, Case-Closed!

If Your Are Not Getting – Give Ch1

coffeeIf you are not getting – give! – Prayer-line, 5:30 am, Saturday, June 9th, 2016 of my dear friend Parrish (not his real name).


No, I was not on the prayer-line, but probably should have been.  I’m just saying! I had wanted my significant other, I call him Boobie (Boo-bie), to go to Starbucks to get coffee.  He responded, “no, ’cause I have to watch Serena!” I immediately became incensed.  My response was twofold:  You might think this is all in my head, but my peppermint mocha tastes immensely better when my Boobie buys it. Lol.  I’m so serious. Additionally, I went to get the coffee the last two times. LOL.

Pissed, I went downstairs to get something, I do not even recall what.  Sidebar:  Aren’t we humans funny?  As I opened the refrigerator freezer, Parrish’s frozen mocha frappucino fell and smashed onto my foot.  IT HURT LIKE HELL!  Parrish came into the kitchen.  I told him I would go and get a replacement.  Parrish said that it was not necessary.  I then shared with Parrish my Boobie’s comment about his need to watch Serena.  That’s when Parrish shared the thought for this post. I immediately got the lesson and went and purchased my Boobie’s triple grande white chocolate mocha, Parrish’s mocha frappucino (although he did want the replacement), and of course my double tall, non-fat, peppermint mocha. I’m glad I went and got the coffee, although I went the last two times.  It’s been 14.5 years, challenging, but truth be told – really, really great compared to most.  50/50? – please! Outside of abuse, give even if you are not gettingPeriod, Case-Closed!

Regarding What We Think We Know, Ch 1

hands upIt is amazing to me that a difference of opinion upon subjects that we know nothing with certainty about, should make us hate, persecute, and despise each other. – Robert G. Ingersoll


As an Black male, I go out into the world daily with an understanding of how the world views Black men. My feelings can be best described in the context of the latest murders of two Black men, the one near Baton Rouge, LA. and the other near St. Paul, MN. Whether it is about the hatred, persecution, or loathing of some Whites of Blacks, Heterosexuals of Homosexuals, Men of Women, Jews of Gentiles, Christians of non-believers, etc., etc., I too have found it indeed – AMAZING. However, after reading the above excerpt by Ingersoll, I now understand why from a different perspective that it is NOT amazing.  We should expect nothing less from so-called humans when the very make-up of their mental faculties are founded upon one’s superiority and another’s inferiority. How ’bout that?! Period, Case-Closed!